The Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On plugin allows you to Create (or Update) a WordPress user and their meta fields from a Gravity Form’s fields. It’s a great plugin.

By default, it only allows one feed type per form: a Create OR an Update feed.

I build a lot of Membership Application forms with Gravity Forms. I used to build two forms per User Registration feed: one for logged-out users and another for logged-in users. It was annoying for me and our clients to maintain two forms.

I spent some time seeing if I could use both a Create and Update feed on one form, triggering one or the other feed based on a user’s log-in state.
I found a way to do it. I’m sharing the code in case it’s useful to anyone.

To use this code, copy the class into a plugin (or your theme). Then call gravity_forms_user_registration::init() from an action such as ‘plugins_loaded’.