Pegs are incredibly cheap and useful.

Pegs (also known as clothespins) consist of two interlocking plastic or wooden prongs, held together with a small spring. Their attributes make them perfect for holding many things, not just clothes.

Here are a few ways I’m using wooden pegs in my flat.

Key holder

Phone charger / headphone jack holder

USB cord / paper / ticket holder

Calendar holder

One of my favourite subreddits is life pro tips. Here you’ll find great ideas (that improve your life).

I particularly enjoy posts which show creative uses for common household items. They help you to see an object in a new way. This life pro tip, for example shows a dustpan being used to fill a bucket that’s too large to fill efficiently under a sink.
This person has either: 1. Thought about the dustpan’s attributes and noticed it would make a good water redistribution device or (more likely): 2. Defined the problem (getting water from tap to bucket), then thought about objects in their house that could be used to move water from the tap into the bucket, arriving at the dustpan.

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