The screen on my first HSBC Secure Key broke. I thought that keeping it in a pencil case, inside my bag would be enough to protect it. It wasn’t.

I ordered a replacement Secure Key. I wanted to make sure this one didn’t break.
To help protect my new HSBC Secure Key I decided to keep my key inside the cardboard it arrived in. I used scissors to cut it down to a portable size.

It’s not a perfect solution. If sat on, the thin cardboard front would not save it. It does stop it moving around in my pencil case and protects it from being bent.

Protected HSBC Secure Key

My HSBC Secure Key in its cardboard home.

Thick cardboard to protect your HSBC Secure Key
The Secure Key rests in thick cardboard.

Do you carry a Secure Key with you? How do you protect yours?

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